Controlling a Loving Partner

There are times in any relationship where only one person is able to make the important decisions, and they are the ones shouldering the burden for both. When one of them has an addiction issue, it might come down to controlling a partner to keep their life steady. Gambling is one of the addictions where keeping a person away from it can come down to controlling all the resources the couple has, but it can be a thankless job. Their partner will do almost anything to be able to finance a bet, so looking for anything that might facilitate their habit is part of the routine.

Many people throughout history have found that there is an attraction when it comes to gambling, but only a few of them have turned it into an addiction. They are often drawn by the anticipation of the action, and wagering on it makes them feel powerful. While it might be good to understand what drives them, the bottom line is that it can financially and emotionally ruin a relationship.

Those who are driven by an addiction will do almost anything to get what they believe they need, and their justifications can seem bizarre to those not affected. A person might come home to find their partner has sold just about everything they own to get the money to place a bet, and their heartbreak will soon be apparent. Even if their partner wins the bet, it will not replace their trust.

Controlling an adult is difficult, but those with addictions often need that type of support. If it is a short term goal, it might be acceptable. A person who refuses to get help for their issue could need a long term solution, but their partner might not feel an obligation to remain with them if they keep failing to maintain their own control.