Stay or Leave

When a person discovers their spouse has an addiction, they have often stumbled upon it accidentally. They might have suspected something was wrong, but the great lengths an addict will go to when protecting their secret often obscure the facts. When the discovery has been made, there are options they pair must explore if their relationship is to continue. The decision to stay or leave often depends upon the continued behavior of the addict, so their ability to make changes can be at the heart of the relationship’s future.

Few spouses who love their partner are willing to leave right away, but dealing with a true addiction of any type can wear them down. They could be happy if their spouse chooses to go into a rehabilitation clinic, and they might even be encouraging if it takes a few tries before success is reached. This is the type of person who will go through almost anything to help the person they love, and it can bring the two to a new plateau of love and understanding.

While love is often the cement that binds people in a close relationship, it can also be the motivation for leaving. Staying with a spouse unable to kick a destructive habit can lead their partner to the realization they are part of the problem, and they might decide to show their love by leaving. They are not necessarily abandoning their spouse, but there are issues where their loss might make a positive difference.

Addictions are one of the most difficult issues to deal with in any situation, and two people in a committed relationship will find there are many levels of caring and recovery. Each addiction has its own roots in the past and personality of the victim, so there is no adequate way to predict what will happen over time.