Adult Decisions

Ending a relationship is a more difficult decision when children are involved, but there can be times when it is the right thing to do. A partner hiding an addiction problem could have been successful for years, but the reality is the children will eventually understand what is happening. Keeping them from knowing about it is one issue, but raising them with an addicted parent is another. It may be time for adult decisions to be made that will save the children from learning more than they should about damaging addictions.

Rehabilitation is may not be successful the first few times, but even couples with children will generally give it a chance. Once the realization has set in that a partner is not going to kick the habit, the other parent can sue for custody and leave. It might break their heart to do it, but protecting their children is the most important goal they have. Leaving a partner behind will affect the children, but it could be the least damage that can be done.

Fighting addiction is often painful and frustrating, but a parent losing their children will often find internal resources to help them. They could eventually recover partial custody if they can show they are able to resist their own needs, but it can take years before that occurs. Many adults have made the decision to leave an addicted partner to save their children, but some couples have been able to reunited once a person has finally been able to get help.

The life of an adult looks great to their children, but the decisions parents must make can be painful. When it comes to protecting their children, leaving a partner behind can be a necessity. While both parents may want to protect their youngsters, it will have to be a time when the parent without an addiction issue has to be the one to do the right thing for everyone in the family.