Wednesday, October 19, 2016

News Bits

News Bits from the President

Wow can you believe is coming to a close and summer is fast approaching! I hope that you all get a chance to take some time and enjoy the warm weather....for those of us that will be working this summer, I too hope that you will be able to enjoy some time in the sun and with family and friends!!
I wanted to take a minute to wrap up this year....WOW! what a year it has been, we came into this year with a raise for all of us, thanks to the awesome bargaining team WESP has and as of July 1st we shall all have another raise of 4.10% as well!! Just think of what WESP can do at 1,000 members…
WESP doubled its membership, and we are still growing strong!! Your President is on a part time release, so that I can get out to you the members and listen to your concerns and your vision of what WESP should be!!
WESP was a presence in the legislation, and we helped defeat a bill that would have impacted over 100 well as we fought for the defeat of the voucher bill, testified in favor of raising the minimum wage, and spoke on behalf of every ESP!! WE are the lowest paid and we deserve more money!!!
WESP was at the Board Meeting to fight for the 3% budget cuts….and because of our voice we were able to have a favorable outcome!! Thank YOU to the members who got up and spoke in front of the Board of Trustees!
Our Grievance and Complaints team fought for and won back 3 of our members jobs, and helped many other members in need to keep their jobs, have charges dismissed or lowered to a lower level of discipline…for a team of 2 they do an amazing job!! Thank YOU Brad and Gail!!
This summer we are gathering information and researching what will be on our bargaining ticket for the next go round with the district…if you have any ideas on what you would like to see in your next contract, please let us know!! Of course there will be a salary increase proposal….but there is some much needed tweaking of the contract in different areas!!
You will be seeing WESP at your site….I will be starting site visits during the summer and will not stop, till I make it to every site…my hope is to compete this by October….I will be assisted by our new Uniserv Director, Fredrick and other Board members that are able to make it to the sites!!
WESP will be conducting a series of round tables for our members to come to and discuss issues and other concerns that they might have…the first round table is for Transportation and is set for July 11th at the WEA Building from 10am to 12pm….WESP wants to hear from all of transportation….we know that you have concerns and we want to hear them!!
I appreciate all of YOU our members….WESP is on the verge of becoming the powerhouse that I know that it can be and I hope that I can count on all of you to help with this movement and help us reach my goal of 1,000 members by the end of the year…Good things will come from us reaching this goal…
Please remember that we are in the middle of the Early Enrollment Incentive Program….so if you know an ESP that is thinking about joining WESP…they can join, and no dues will come out till September of 2017….
I must tell you that I am extremely proud to be your president….I hope that it shows….and know that I am here for you the members, but behind every leader is an awesome board…and I am lucky enough to have an awesome board…I wish to thank Gail Hart as our Vice President , Joan Collins as our secretary, Kellie Carney as our treasure, and our Board Members, Brad Snedeker, Toni Maresjo, Willy Maresjo, Tony Dickey, Audra Hammerling, and a special thank YOU to our outgoing Board Member Diane Lyon….You will be missed!
Your dues dollars goes towards your membership in this great association…if you are not taking advantage of all of the benefits that WESP has to offer, please reach out to us and we will get you that information….I save over $600.00 a year on my car insurance alone!!
If you need WESP for anything please contact us at 775-398-1320….If you want me to come to your site…let me know!! Or you can email us at
As always, thank YOU for your support!!
Melissa Boesen
President of WESP 

 I wanted to give you all an updated on the upcoming elections. To recap we have the following positions open:
Vice President
3 Board Seats
WESP has the following nominee’s for the above positions:
Vice President:
Gail Hart
Joan Collins
Board Members:
Brad Snedeker
Toni Maresjo
Diane Lyons
Grace Ndolo
Josephine Javier
Elections will be held on April 28th and 29th  at 1890 Donald Street, the hours of the election are as follows:
Friday, April 28th 8am to 6pm
Saturday, April 29th 9am to 2pm
Please make sure that you bring ID with you!!

Thank YOU for all your support!!

Hello Just a few reminders!!

WESP will be having our 1st Site Rep training/meeting Thursday March 2nd at 6pm at the WEA office…Please let me know if you will be able to make it

Also our next General Membership Meeting will be March 18th at the WEA office starting at 10am

It has been brought to my attention that some members make assume that those of us that serve on the Board receive pay for doing so…that is not true at all…WESP is a VOLUNTEER organization that is ran by the members for the members…we all work our full time jobs, have families or other obligations and work for the greater of the good for WESP!!

That is why I always for help….this is your organization…the more members WESP has the stronger we are as a whole!!


Check your WCSD email inbox. Every member received a survey invite to elect our representatives for DA. This survey will close Feb. 24th at midnight. Please vote!!!

Please use the following phone numbers in order to contact WESP for any issue:

Phone # 775-398-1320 Ext 5702

Fax# 775-398-1320

If you are calling for our grievance or complaints team...PLEASE clearly leave your name and work site and the date of your IDP, as well as a number we can call you back at. If your message is unclear it could cause a delay in getting back to you!!'

As always thank you for your support! 


Here’s an update on WESP!!

First, we are sitting at 650 members at this moment, so close to 700 hundred. We can get there!

Second, the next General membership will be March 18th at 10:00 am at the WEA Building!! We will be holding an election for the upcoming DA, to elect your representatives at the 2017 DA in Las Vegas!

WESP will be holding training for Site Reps on March 2nd at 6pm at the WEA Office. If you are interested in learning what site reps do and how you can help move WESP forward please email back and RSVP for this great training!

NSEA will be holding an award ceremony to acknowledge those in the Association. This is the Memo regarding the awards, the NSEA Awards Application, and the NSEA Awards Descriptions. Please nominate a WESP member. It would be great to get them on the stage!

Lastly to give back to all our members, WESP will be once again holding WESP at the movies! On February 11th 2017 you and 3 guests can come and mingle with other WESP members. Please RSVP ASAP…it is a first come basis!

AGAIN, the more voices we have the stronger WESP is! You may think that your voice doesn’t count, but I am here to tell you…IT DOES!!

Thank YOU as always for your support!!


With the holiday right around the corner…who can believe it!! I hope that all of us will be spending it with those that we love, or hold dear…and I hope that we all ask this question around the table “What are you grateful for?”

My answer would be of course those that I love and hold dear, my family, my friends and of course all of you!! It is because of you all that we have the association that I am proud to be your president!

With the Christmas Holiday coming up...WESP has partnered with See’s Candy and will be offering See’s Candy at a Discount Price, please see the order form and complete it, please return it to Melissa Boesen at Risk Management with the check written out to WESP or cash…delivery will be around the 7th -10th of December…this is a great savings to those of us that love candy…which is everyone…lol

Also….the open enrollment for the sick bank has closed…HOWEVER if you faxed your enrollment form over to the WESP office during that period…WESP has had an issue with our fax and will be asking you to resend the enrollment form to Toni Maresjo, or to the …or drop it off at the WEA Bldg…WESP is extending that deadline to the December 2nd to get that form in!! Please see the Sick Leave page for the application.
WESP would like to wish all ESP’s a happy “ESP Day” and know that WESP is grateful for all you do for the Washoe County School District, from the students to the teachers and to other support staff…we truly are the back bone of the district!!

Melissa Boesen
President of WESP


Wow…time is really flying…lol…Can you believe that Halloween is right around the corner...It is going too fast…here are some news bits for you…

First…Sick Bank….Open enrollment is currently going on for those that wish to join! Please see the Sick Bank page for more details!

Second….Would you like to go to a conference, learn how to be a leader within the association?? We are looking for members to attend conferences across this great nation…if you are interested please send an email to…you will be interviewed by the board and then you can be considered for the conferences…

Thirdly….NSEA is looking for the ESP of the year…if you know of a deserving ESP, please complete the attached application…
        I truly do believe that all ESP deserve the ESP of the year award…but only one can win…I would love to see the award go to one of us!!

Fourth….WESP needs to have ESP’s at the school site that can help get info out to our members…if you would like to be a contact at a school site, please let us know…WESP needs this to grow our association…the more voices we have the stronger WESP is!!

Thank YOU for all your support!!

The date on the ESP of the Year had a deadline of 10/15/2016…it has changed to 10/31/2016….PLEASE consider one of us for this award…I would love for it to come from WESP…


PLEASE follow us on FACEBOOK…we send out notices of upcoming events…there is one coming up this Saturday that many of us would love to be a part of…so check us out on FACEBOOK…

As always….thank you for your support…it is because of you we are here…

If there is anyone who would like to help us move to the WEA building, please email back….we need all the help we can get…